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@joekamprad I think you are the an to ask about this

I just feel this 3 part series deserves a place in the i3 section
These three videos got so popular on reddit that they now even are a part of the docs on

I have a suggestion for the i3 docs section and this is to whom it may concern and can decide for or against this

There is a 3 part series on youtube made by CodeCast - it got so popular that it now is included even over at i3.
So my suggestion would be to include them here too - for someone totally new to i3 or someone who wants to try it I can recommend this video series - he explains very well - as I wrote even i3 themselves took in the videos.

Some people are just better with visuals than reading and for those, this would be perfect

part 1

part 2

part 3


I just installed EndeavourOS i3 last night. I just finished the first two. I found these videos incredibly helpful and answered many of the questions I had. If they didn’t they certainly showed me where to look. Thank you for taking the time to post these! :+1:


right - the series is is very informative and even my mother was able to follow it. He epxlains everything about it - what it actually is how it works - how to make it look good. If’ve seen a lot of videos on different window manager but noe comes close to this
He made this the a 2 part eseries about urxvt - and then left and made base16-builder . Since then it’s been very quiet around him.

but this series took off in such a way on reddit that even i3wm included it in their docs

You can see the series at the bottom. That says some - he was nt even an i3 user


So …Bspwm tonight then? :laughing:


Agreed. I also have a much better understanding and appreciation for how much effort was put into the configuration of EndeavourOS i3. The developer(s) did a fantastic job setting it up as an “out of the box” experience.

:rofl: Not saying never but I think I have enough on my plate at the moment. Although I really do like the look of Bspwm.

I’ll let you in on a secret it took me years to figure out - bspwm is easier and more intuitive than i3. it doesn’t have a lot of docs tho - where i3 have some of the best documentation there is. Bspwm has wery good man page that explains so good what you can do. And it is a shellscript so you can easily add to or change it’s behaviour. I’m bias as I use bspwm but I used i3 for approx a year and a half so I know them both very good.
Bspwm has automatic schemes split longest side or spiral but they also have the powerful preselct. An example in i3 windows split horizontl and vertical. say yuo have 2 windows taking up half the screen each - now you want to open a third window on the top left - how? you cant you it goes either down or to the right. In bspwm we have north east south west
same example the left window preselct the top half you will see it s a preselcted area cause the color change . now open a nprogran - it will ov to that preselcted area. another thing you wantto change border color in i3 you have to dig trough th config file an edit it to your liking - in bspwm we can just type in terminl; bspc config focused_border_color #666666 if you want to keep it after you log out and back in you have to put it in theconfig file but bspc gives you freedom to try things before you decide if it’s worth keeping in the config. That’s two basic example I could go on all day .but dont want to write book

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Yes I know. I just thought it could be nice to include those videos too. After all a lot of i3 wm use have started after seeing those videos. It was merely a suggestion - as tho videos are also on the docs as I posted in the i3
It up to you - if you think they can be of value - we should include them. Some ppl have esier to learn from visuals than just written words

I see the videos are already in there. Well then I can sau this is solved

edit 2
Thanks for taking time ti answer - appreciate that


Definitely classic videos !

Wow the i3 documentation here is …very…good !

Great job :slight_smile:


Thos videos are great for thos who have no epxperience with i3 at all. He axpalins very weel and and touches areas from what t atilin wm is . what o expext - whow to theme - how t o get mos t from it. I iwas on reddir wge nAlex poated it trher - it qurickly got tracrion and it didn’t takw ong than even 13w,.org implememted it in its docs. It s a great visde. He did a 2 per or urxvt an d the he make base 16 builder - by sice it been qquie from him. No doubt - he-s a talented gyy