The Finals does not run because of AVX-512?

Oh boy I am excited and disappointed at the same time. Finally a certain videogame with anticheat system got an update which made it playable on Linux. It’s the game “The Finals”. But ironically it does not work on my AMD only machine, which I build recently second half of last year. This time I purchased AMD over Intel+Nvidia with the hope it would work better. But game does not run. But it runs on my Steam Deck!

After some digging I found it might be possibly be because of the “AVX-512 instruction set” on the Ryzen 7000 causing some problems. There are users suggesting to disabling this instruction set at Kernel level with options.

Now I am not really new to Linux, but never set any Kernel options. Would it be wise to disable the AVX-512 set? Could this have a bad impact on something else? Would I need to do this every time a new Kernel version is updated? Or should I wait in the hope the developers fix the game?

II don’t think it will cause any horrible problems.

No. You make the change in either /etc/default/grub or /etc/kernel/cmdline for grub and/or systemd-boot respectively. Then you run either sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg or sudo reinstall-kernels

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Thanks for the quick reply. I completely forgot to provide any information. But looks like very straightforward and simple process. I have systemd-boot and the file “/etc/kernel/cmdline” contains following line (replace xxx with real UUID part):

nvme_load=YES nowatchdog rw root=UUID=920cd186xxx

Does this cmdline work logically similar to a commandline application arguments? Meaning space separated options and so on. So I would just add clearcpuid=304 (with a leading space) at the end of line in example?



Then run sudo reinstall-kernels after changing the file.

Whoa! This was quick. I added the option on the file you suggested and rebuild the Kernels, rebooted. The game now seems to run fine, at least past the initial breaking point. Thank you for the quick and precise help. Have a good weekend!

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