The ESO didn't see free space

Hello, everyone. I am trying to install The Elder Scrolls Online on my laptop. I have a 84G of free space, but ESO launcher says it has only 3G available.
Why is that so? And any ideas how to fix it?
Screenshot from home directory and launcher:

Did you try clicking “Install” and see if it works? Coz installers will usually “grey out” the “Install” if hardware requirements aren’t met.

Nope, I decided to ask question first, I was afraid to break the system :sweat_smile:

Okay. I tried to search for the issue on reddit, here is what I found:

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@Yurchicnice Did it work?

I was thinking it would work, but it didn’t :sweat_smile:
I press Install button and nothing happens, but, for example, back or X buttons is working

Fixed it with protondb

In launch options I added:


And, now free space is correct and launcher is installed.

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