The config file is not created

Recently I encountered some troubles with plasma, and decided to switch to qtile.
from tty I ran sudo pacman -S qtile. But when I try : qtile start, I was met with the line libqtile.utils.QtileError: No DISPLAY set.
After some google, and checking files, I found out that qtile didn’t generate any files, there is no qtile folder on /etc/ nor in HOME/.config.
And running qtile check generates:

checking qtile config file /home/…
stubtest not found, can’t type check config file
install it and try again
mypy not found, can’t type check config fileinstall it and try again
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "…
…File “”, line1004, in _find_and_load_unlocked
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘config’.

Do I just need a file on home/.config/qtile/ or is this a sign that something went wrong and need more files. all the dependencies for qtile seem to be installed

Is a good starting place, clone it and copy the files you need to ~/.config/qtile.

I’ve run the file, run qtile start from tty and still get the same libqtile.utils.QtileError: No DISPLAY set. Also have changed the created file from the script to the standard provided by the qtile documentation and get the same response.

What does this command show?


Also, take a look here, and here…!

that just qtile …

this help … :pray: read

and link above by xircon

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Thank you for the link, I went for a more mainstream DE already but I want to give qtile another chance in the future. From the list of packages in the link what are the ones that are necessary?, I tried endeavour-qtile, but wasn’t sold on the customization offered. What are the key packages that I should get to create a functioning qtile DE, that is close to the vanilla implementation?, and, is there a difference between qtile with x11 and qtile with wayland?

thank you for your help.