The change to dracut broke nvidia pacman hooks

After using nvidia-inst on an Optimus laptop I was greeted with

[4/5] Nvidia Pacman Hook failed, unable to resolve dependencies.

The hook at “/usr/share/libaplm/hooks/eos-nvidia.hook” is trying to use mkinitcpio to create an initramfs and EOS now ships with dracut OOTB.

Edit - Errors and names might not be 100% accurate, I had to type it from memory.

Thanks for reporting it.

Welcome to the forum! :smile:

And thanks for the report!

I just released a new version 1.1-1 of package nvidia-hook which should help with this issue.
Please test this new version and report your findings.


Seems to work fine now. Thanks for the speedy fix :slight_smile:


And thanks to @dalto for helping out with the dracut stuff.

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I do love this community… they help us in every corner!