The btrfs defaults are awesome

I wiped and reinstalled (with backups) the other week because the new iso came out and I wanted to be on btrfs so I could have snapshots. I’ve been on this distro for about 6 months now.

I got it in my head that I needed to go in and generate a new home subvolume so I went and did that today, doing all the work from my EOS live usb.

In getting to the end and opening up fstab, I realized that endeavourOS already separates out subvolumes for cache, log, home, and root, which is the exact layout I was wanting to do.

It’d have been nice if that was mentioned in the endeavourOS btrfs wiki pages at all though. Would’ve saved me a couple hours of learning new systems (that I am happy to learn).

Getting snapshots off the ground on a fresh btrfs EndeavourOS install is super easy because of this though, and that’s nice.


I agree the defaults are good! :blush:

If you ever want to make changes to the default subvolumes (add, remove, or rename subvolumes for example), it’s as simple as editing /etc/calamares/modules/mount.conf before you start the installer.