The best way to scale plasma?

I have been using scaling in Plasma for a very long time now, both via the scaling slider under Display and Monitor (Global Scaling), and additionally using the forced DPI under Fonts. My monitor is a 25 incher with 1440p resolution (so corresponds to a DPI of 117). However, I have found that both methods somehow get in each other’s way. I have now set the global scaling factor back to 1 and only the DPI in the font settings to 117. Seems to be better. So what would be the suggested and recommended method? The scaling slider isn’t there just for fun, is it?

PS.: I couldn’t really find a meaningful answer on the net.

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Here is how I do it:

I keep global scale to 100% (the minimum). I also turned off “Force font DPI”. So, in reality, I use no scaling at all. Nothing.

I only increased the font sizes manually, to 12pt for everything, except small text, which I increased to 10pt.

That’s all I do. I find it looks great on a large 1440p monitor. I am very near-sighted, but I have no trouble reading anything on the screen. Also, I have the default zoom level in Firefox set to 200%. Most web pages look fine that way.

In Konsole I use Hack bold, 22pt. I like the retro look of boldface fonts in the terminal.
In Kate, I use Hack regular, and I compensate for it being lightweight by increasing its size to 24pt. Both look great in my opinion:


Thanks @Kresimir, I have had Firefox on 1.25 for years, fits best for me.

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The scaling slider is best used in situations where you need integer scaling. i.e. 200%, 300%, etc.

If you need less than that, font scaling it the better solution.


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