The best antivirus for EndeavourOS


Any recommendations for a good antivirus for EndeavourOS. I am looking for some that has on-access/live scan too?

Most people will tell you that you really don’t need one but one is available if you really want one.


Having only used Linux since the mid 1990s and never used an anti-virus or had a virus problem on Linux, I am unable to offer a useful option…


How to protect your Linux system from viruses:

  • Don’t be bad at using the internet — don’t go on all sorts of wild and insecure sites.
  • Don’t let too many people stick things into your device.
  • Be careful about the software and files you download — whether it’s from the AUR or an official website (e.g. Visual Studio Code is spyware, which means it’s malware/a virus).

That’s it.


I really should check if turning the telemetry off actually turned the telemetry off. Visual Studio Code is hard to give up.

once a year* for giggles:

never clam, oh god never clam

*just remember you had to do this daily for WIN. Once a year, and that’s if I remember.

vscodium enters the chat...

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How are the extensions? I know it’s Microsoft but Pylance is really nice… =P

After 25 years of using Linux and never having any antivirus software and never experiencing any malware, I can say it has not been necessary for me. Your mileage may vary.

Okay I just installed it and it seems perfect, maybe even faster.

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You can watch some YT vids for good comparisons, but it basically the same exact thing without the telemetry.

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I run a modified host file which blocks a lot of the nasty malware sites, even installed a modified host on my wireguard server which updates the host file every 24 hours. Traffic goes through the server before it reaches me.


connect to tor too, just to make sure

By downloading a virus, you can infect windows computers on the same home network.

Besides that, there are differences. VSCodium doesn’t have access to the same extensions because the VSCodium and Code OSS aren’t allowed to access the same marketplace, so they ship with Open VSX Registry instead of the Visual Studio Marketplace.


Surely I wouldn’t violate a license agreement from Microsoft using an easy pacman command. :wink:

The best antivirus?

Good digital hygiene.


The problem with viruses and malware is that they are designed to be stealth.

That is they hide from detection and chances are users don’t notice anything. There seems to be a common misconception that you would notice malware on your system, when chances are you won’t notice anything.

So people saying they have never had a virus or malware infection - could have had a malware / virus infection and simply didn’t notice…

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I also don’t think an anti-virus is needed. I don’t even recommend these programs anymore on Windows. I only use Windows defender and Eset online scanner for Windows on occasion. There are a few for Linux but i wouldn’t use them myself.

I can see your point, but at the same time, that sounds kinda silly.