Thanks to Bryan

Hey @Bryanpwo - thanks.
Perhaps you could transfer those posts where I referenced Trisquel-mini LXDE here.
Perhaps not - as some got very upset :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Still can’t understand why some people get so upset by the speed born of efficiency?
The only thing I can think of is that LXDE starkly shows just how inefficient other DEs are, even some WMs - despite the hype from the cheerleaders. :speaking_head: :mega:

Did you install it yet? :thinking:


I would love to if you gave some links to the post(s) or threads. I’m not looking forward to searching through the forum for them.


Trisquel-threads don’t belong here. Posts about other distributions belong here:


Did it occur to you that it may not be the message, but the messenger?


Was only joking :laughing: :wink:
So easy to find just search for Trisquel - less than a page - with just a few from me…

Well I guess that in your panic and haste to close down any further discussion you filed it in the wrong place…

You removed this popular discussion from XFCE lost lightweight crown topic and created this new title yourself. :innocent:
Not content with that you moved your creation to the Lounge and at the same time closed it down. :astonished:
I have to give you credit for such a thorough job in stifling further discussion :medal_military:

Before I respond I want to point out that I have tried to address with you in private but you continually drag it back to the public forum. While I have ignored most of those attempts, it seems you are going to force the issue until I address it publicly.

The reasons those topics have been closed has nothing to do LXDE, Trisquel or the idea of running a lightweight system. Those topics are all fine to discuss in the appropriate categories.

The reason those topics were closed is because of the way you choose address the topics and the other posters in those topics. In many topics you are taking both an extreme stance and a highly oppositional stance and the conversation inevitably goes downhill from there. It is almost impossible to have positive and engaged conversation when the original statements are positioned so controversially.

I think another poster put it more concisely above:


Trust most of our members and the wider populous are more familiar with Don’t Shoot the Messenger…

Don’t get angry at or punish someone who is simply delivering bad or undesirable news as they are not responsible for it.

So here is some of that bad or undesirable news…

It goes without saying that I am not responsible for the disparity in efficiency 'twixt Endeavour XFCE and Trisquel-mini LXDE.

It is none of my doing that the tty command used by Floyd under Endeavour with no DE or WM used more resource than Trisquel-mini LXDE with a full GUI desktop. Some may see this as controversial while I see it as just a simple truthful statement of fact – don’t shoot the messenger…!

So whilst others are given free reign to post false or misleading statements I am being punished for conveying simple truths that can be easily verified. There is another well known and used idiom – the truth will out – eventually…!

It is a well known ploy to post false or misleading information to incite a reaction and then seek to gag or vilify anyone who replies with sincerity and truth.

Please feel free to post your private formal warning on this thread as I sincerely believe that it is far better in the open for all our members to read and come to their own assessment.

Since I was one of the screen shot and mentioned in another (50% of your picture) I just want to point out I have been moderated more than once (ask @dalto). . . So if you think it’s free reign you’re clearly not quite on the ball there.

And I’ve alsohelped at least tenfold more folks in the last couple years then the few I’ve called out for acting like yourself. But I have no problem calling the kettle black when it’s warranted. Sometimes it has to be said - some people don’t even know they do it. You seem to which is worse.


You insist on comparing apples to oranges and then insisting it’s really a pineapple. We get it you like minimal low resource using de’s. Great enjoy!