Thank you! Yes all of you!

After using EOS on VM for a while, decided to install it as my daily. Ran into a few hiccups in Cinnamon, but people here stepped up to help even with the simplest of problems. Tangentially, I was actually going to use Plasma as my DE as I did in the VM, but after seeing a bunch of YT videos showing the latest Linux Mint edition, Cinnamon seemed the best fit for me. And here it is!

Thank you guys for this!

Edit: Please dont hate me for using FreeOffice over LibreOffice


Glad you are enjoying it!

For my needs, Softmaker office is the best office suite on Linux even if it is commercial so I won’t judge you for it. :cowboy_hat_face:


I agree with the spirit of your comment.@dalto

Choice is wonderful: office tools, desktops, wms, distros, terminals…

Learn and a choose. Default tools are generally a safe starting place; explore as you need/ desire; install what you want. We all have preferences. It is doubtful you would ever find two people using exactly the same setup & tools. To my mind, that is good.