Thank you XFCE for fixing Thunar

Maybe I was a bit cruel in my previous topic about the matter:

The latest update finally fixed the resizing problem. Although I was starting to get used to the wide window, I only desired to set it what I wanted, closed Thunar window, then later opened it to the size I expected.

The problem with this wide window was the “Date Modified” field was set as large as possible, much larger than “Filename” first field. Then when someone tries to copy or move files (via drag-and-drop) from one instance to the other, it could hit a directory or a ZIP file, and copy/move to the wrong place which could be frustrating. In that case I always targeted the list heading.

I could have changed the view to see if I could get more empty space in the window but I don’t like icon views in file managers. I like seeing file size and date as well as filenames. :slight_smile:

This is just for information and to thank the XFCE developers for paying attention to the users.

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Likely the few XFCE devs aren’t here. You could find their bug system and or mailing list to let them know.

All right, I admit I first updated ArcoLinux before creating this topic. :ninja:

EDIT: Clarified this was after I installed on EndeavourOS XFCE: There is flickering and weird glitching at times when the mouse cursor hovers over the header of list view*, and sometimes on “File” and “Edit” on the menu bar*. But it’s something I could live with.

This is only for information, it’s not a rant. I’m marking this thread that way now.

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