Testing EndevourOS, love it so far! And a huge thank to this community already!

Hello everyone!

I recently installed EndevourOS on my laptop after asking some questions here on the forum (not yet on my desktop PC, that is still running Manjaro KDE). I will test this as my daily driver on my laptop during my upcoming vacation, and if I love it as much as I do now, I will install it on my desktop.

This post is mostly to say a big thanks to this community! I was able to get up and running incredibly quickly with this communites help and the “Online installer” is fantastic! It installs all the basic stuff, printer, and a desktop environment without close to any bloat at all! (Actually I could probably say no bloat, I just don’t like “Discover Store” :P)

I’m a minimalist in my everyday life and I want to be the same in my digital life! So having close to no apps that I don’t use is my dream, and the reason why I started looking into Linux a few years ago. Windows 10, just comes with a massive amount of crap that shouldn’t be there, and that isn’t needed for the OS to work.

I’m looking forward to join this community asking for help how to make my KDE Environment as productive as possible, and in the future once I know more about Endevour and Arch, hopefully start helping out!

Thanks a lot and stay safe everyone!


Thanks for your kind words & welcome aboard EndeavourOs, @AtBios. :clap:

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yes you are right on this, it is not a good one to install by default… we only let it there as it is included inside plasma,…


I don’t think discover is as bad and useless as it is always looked at. It gives you a convenient centralized opportunity to manage not only packages from the repositories but also flathub, Plasma extensions and different firmware.

No they are not useless (discover, Gnome-Software) and seem to work stable with arch-packages. Also they are part of Plasma and Gnome Ecosystem. But they are not recommended as the one and only package tools.


Yeah, and I just prefer installing all my software from the terminal. For new users (and when I was a new user) that is the way to go. It is a convenient way, and it makes it really easy to find and install apps. I mean because of the stores I have even managed to get my in-laws (65+) to move to Linux!!! :smiley: So I do not see them at all as useless, not just for me anymore. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind discover. I am able to install everything from there just as easily as yay or pamac or pacman.

As the in other forum I’m active at, used to be and still is to certain degree, for beginners, I am used to see things from beginners perspective. It’s a fact that a lot of people are kind of afraid when it is up to using a terminal. So discover is really a good piece of software for those.
When it’s up to me I’m also able to install things, no matter what package manager is available, using a terminal.

For me it’s not a matter of being afraid. Sometimes things just don’t install from the terminal for what ever reason. So i just jump to whatever works. So for instance i just installed Open Suse Tumbleweed in vbox and because i am not familiar enough with yast and zypper it’s just easier to use discover and just get it everything installed. I had to use Zypper to install Spotify. Everything else i used Discover. These are just mostly applications that i always install for audio, video, and KDE apps.

I wasn’t thinking this post would turn into a Discover / Terminal discussion, but it seems to have ended up a bit like it a bit. :smiley:

Personally I would love to be without it since I never use anything like that, and I just like only having the things I use on my PC’s. I’m a terminal guy myself and I feel like the terminal just gives me more control. For example (still haven’t done this with any arch-based distro though), I love being able to set up a new machine by simply running a .sh script. When I was still on Ubunutu I created a “DoItForMe.sh” that installed everything I used and needed in my daily driver.

Also once again though, I’m really glad something like discover, pop-shop, etc. exists. Without them I would probably never have started on Linux (the terminal did scare me a lot in the beginning), and my parents-in-law would not be so happy on Linux if something like that didn’t exist. :slight_smile:


Like me I am sure you will not regret your decision. I am running Plasma and my experience has been excellent. Any fears I had about stability etc. have completely gone away. It has proven to be the most stable Plasma I have come across. i used to switch between Neon and Kubuntu. Not sure why but I just could not get on with Manjaro. Before anyone jumps on me I didn’t say I hate or dislike it.