Terrapad 1061?

anybody having a terrapad been able to install EOS?
Somehow the EFI does not load usb-stick.



Did you already booted another Linux live environment?
So ist this a specific EOS problem?

What happens when you boot / try to boot it?
Error messages? Is the EOS bootloader selectable in UEFI?

sorry, i see it is an ARM device. Seems Windows only anyway.

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Absolute wrong. The Wortmann Terra Pad 1061 has an Intel Atom Silvermont Z3735D (same as in Intel Compute Sticks, first models).

You can install Linux distributions x86_64 on it. But such cheap parts usually have a UEFI32, a big issue.

This means that you cann’t install Linux distributions neither x86_32 or x86_64, but only x64 with integrated 32 bit boot loader. There are hardly any such distributions. You can create such a distribution manually, but not on the side.

There is a very good tool for Ubuntu and it’s flavors: isorespin.sh (it makes sense to use Lubuntu for such weak hardware).

axebase.net - Linuxium integriert 32-bit-EFI-Bootloader (Du bist doch Deutscher, richtig?)

Current is v8.4.0 for up to and incl. 20.04 dev. You should take 19.10, not older.

I have modified a LEoan64 image with isorespin.sh and use it via USB stick with BIOS/CSM/UEFI64/UEFI32 almost daily.

That would not be right just because of ARM.

Wow, thanks for enlightening me.
It`s a devive of a friend, and i’ve just started trying to get a Linux on it, without any thought of problems that might occur.
I will have to try that later today.
yes, i am a german