Terminal theme not changing

I am using dell Inspiron 3593 intel core i5.endeavour os.Linux kernel version-5.12.9. I changed the theme of the terminal for the default profile and it changed. but when I close and open the terminal again, it is again the default theme, not the one I applied.

thanking you in advance.

We need some more information to help. First of all, what terminal are you using?

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the version is 5.12.9.theme doesn’t change for the default profile. whenever I close and open it again, for default profile themes is again default one.

5.12.9 is the kernel version. Nothing to do with the terminal that you are using. Let’s try to tackle it from a different angle: what DE are you using?

Kde plasma

ok, so you probably are using konsole as a terminal right? On my VM I can change the theme without problem. Have you made some modification after installation? can you please post the output of

konsole -v

Your system is up to date?

If you use yakauke, close it then change profile

konsole 21.04.2

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