Terminal not working, linux headers problems etc

So im using virtualbox with endeavourOS and i decided to run pacman -Syu, it was updating but then abrupty system crashed.
I was unable to boot it grub said that it couldnt find linux or something. I did chroot and install linux package. But i was unable to run pacman -Syu it was throwing bunch of errors about core.db etc. so i decided to try and boot the system now and try to run the updates directly from it.
I booted to VM successfully but my terminal doesnt work :rage: . So i go to TTY and can’t for the love of god understand whats going on.
I updated mirros and those errors about core.db disappeared, Now i have some errors about linux-headers and can’t find anything about it online. Can;t even copy paste from TTY.

Your terminal probably doesn’t work because your system is partially updated.

Try this to fix the headers issue delete the /var/lib/pacman/local/linux-headers-6.7.arch3-1 directory.

Then run sudo pacman -Syu linux-headers

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Oh my god, thanks it worked. It was such annoying issue, but i didnt want to just reinstall the whole system. Had to put every command from archlinux forums manually since i cant copy paste while in tty. Also couldnt really find anything similar online.

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