Terminal installation that require compilation inputs?

How does one answer ‘Y’ to questions during completion of program compilations without having to input user response. i.e. automatic ‘Y’ responses so that the system doesn’t time out and make you re-run and recompile the software from start all over again. . . in other words is there an entry that will make any compilation entries automatic for the ‘Y’ response without redoing all the leg-work again if you let the machine do it’s own thing when you are not there waiting for the responses to be imputed? I’m installing Winewow to the latest version but want to leave the machine and let it complete the job automatically because the compilation will probably take and hour of my time away. I don['t want to be sitting behind the terminal waiting to respond to any ‘Y’ procedures if I can get away and do other things in the meantime.

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Just passing yes isn’t a great idea.

Instead, if you are using yay or paru, you can use --sudoloop or set it on in the config file. That will ensure the password doesn’t expire so it will be waiting for you to press Y instead of timing out.

Thank you for your response. . . . . unfortunately I don’t know if I can interrupt the terminal process while it’s running to --sudo loop . . . .the next time I do this I will give it a try. I’m going to have to redo this whole process I guess as I am going out for a 1 hr bike ride and when I get back the machine will have timed-out and I’ll have to redo this whole procedure. . . but this next time with --sudo loop.

Yay -S winewow --sudo loop something like this ?

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Yes, that is advice for next time.

yay -sudoloop -S winwow

Better yet, just set it permanently with:

yay --save --sudoloop

If you do that, you won’t have to worry about it anymore, even during upgrades.

Usually, you must be in front of your computer for the install of the package. Unless you have compilation of dependencies during the process, which need your input, it will be asked if you want to install the package after compilation.

For long compilation, I download the PKGBUILD with yay -G package_name, then go to the package_name directory and use the makepkg -s command. In the end the package is created after compilation, but not installed, when I come back to my computer, I just need to install it with yay -U package_name.blahblah.zstd.

Thanks for all the help. . . . Everyone in these forums are sooooooo helpful. Much appreciated!!!


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