One of the features I truly enjoy on EOS is it’s terminal-centric orientation. Along that line, I have gathered (curated) some sites that provide clues and pointers to sites that cater to Linux terminal apps. Hopefully these will appeal to others here.

You will note that the list I present here offers a very heavy “AWESOME” collection (so say the site authors).

Feel free to contribute items/ sites you enjoy, as well.


holy crap I’m installing a cli recipe scraper (pure-recipe.py) right now. That “largest” list is unreal. The Big Man upstairs could give me 50 more years on top of present and I still not will have scratched the surface. If you are trying to make me one of those guys that live in the terminal you are doing a great job, I’m ready :disguised_face:!
changing my thumbs up to a purple heart. thanks for that list!
edit/excited wording

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Here are some more (fun oriented ‘eye-candy’):

ASCIIVILLE: https://asciiville.dev/
ASCIIQUARIUM: https://github.com/cmatsuoka/asciiquarium