Terminal based apps... file browser? Ranger? Or...?

I am trying to get more into terminal usage in general, because A) I am a geek and B) I am for the first time not installing a graphical package manager at all.

Now, for a terminal based file manager, is it Ranger that is the gold standard or are there others that are recommended?

I have very good experiences with Ranger.

mc (Midnight Commander also mcedit as text editor) is installed in default setup.

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This is a classic :slight_smile:

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I used Norton Commander for about a year before I got my Amiga 500, because my friends PC (that we basically used together all the time) had too little memory to run Windows 3.11 properly…

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By the way, if you’re into this “geek uses terminal” which terminal are you using?

If you are in a “terminal hoping” search i’d recommend to test tilix and terminator

Geek, but also aware of what I actually need.
I actually use Xfce4 terminal in most places, not only in Xfce*

Tilix is good, but realistically I never use any of it’s features. At the same time Xfce4 Terminal can do everything say Gnome Terminal can do, while transparent (very important :wink: ) and more (dropdown function) while using 60% of the memory.

*Typical example is me replacing Gnome Terminal in Cinnamon with it.

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I’m also using xfce-terminal since it’s the one that comes with EndeavourOS :wink: but, as I always do, I replaced bash with the fish shell. (Adding one more layer of complexity to the terminal.) I always install MC. Other terminal apps I cannot live without include MOC as my only music player and mps-youtube for searching, playing, and downloading content from YouTube.

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I use youtube-dl. As for music I am one of those filthy streamers. Spotify from AUR goes on very quickly when I install an Arch-based distro.

I hope not too far off subject: I once created an i3 window manager install on Antergos for a slow laptop. It used almost all terminal apps. I even created a green-on-black version of Numix as my theme. The terminal browser is w3m.