Temporary Canadian mirror outage

Due to (as yet unknown) ISP difficulties, both my EndeavourOS mirror and my chaotic-aur mirrors are inaccessible temporarily. My ‘repair window’ is 8 am - 12 noon (UTC -4) so hopefully they will be back shortly thereafter… but if I have to get a new IP out of the ‘fix’, it may take a while for that to propagate through DNSland. Sorry about that - but it would be even worse to put them on my ‘backup line’ - it is very slow, and the IP DNS wouldn’t get shared before it changed again. Patience? Required apparently - but what’s that! :grin:


I do not see issues related reporting that someone fail to use the repo, and if you are using all our mirrors in the list it should simply take another one.

The - the ISP came and found the (outside) problem - so it should be up soon anyway. Yeah - any problems would be minor - assuming SOME knowledge in the user :grin: On the other hand, some may have noticed it is a quick mirror, and commented out the others!

I will post when I know it’s up again…

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As far as I can tell - all is working again - despite a change in IP. A ping to the EndeavourOS mirror address works correctly though, and the Chaotic-aur mirror reports all is well too. I guess the automatic IP redirect by No-IP works OK! Anyway - the troubles seem to be over. Now to see if my TV came back too! :grin:


@Alpix Could you take a look at this, the address might still refer to the Alpix mirror. @freebird54 This is a security measure taken on this server, in case of an outage of your server.


will take a look

Answer: CNAME-record for ca.gate.endeavouros.com = birdrepo.ddns.net
So it points to the @freebird54 domain.
Update could have taken some time because of caches.

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a ping attempt on the birdrepo.ddns.net returns the new ip - and trying to access the server by birdrepo.ddns.net also succeeds. Please let me know if caching messed it up - but I suspect that No-IP’s little daemon informed them quickly and changed the DNS entry immediately. It is a matter of wonderment if it propagated through the DDNS system quick enough! Both of the mirrors I run are serving updates correctly to my domain anyway so far, so I’m going to hope!

http://ca.gate.endeavouros.com/ also seems to be working.

I think it was because of caches in the dns resolvers

Works for me…but hey I’m just down the street. I could drive over and pick up the ISO. :laughing:

Edit: Only in Canada Eh!

You could only pick it up that way if you got past the attack cat :cat: - not so easy to do. He’d probably purr all over you!

Glad to hear it works, though - I’m never sure (even with traceroute) that the routing I think I’m using is actually happening that way…

I like cats but i just had to put mine down he became diabetic since the pandemic started and lost half his body weight and couldn’t get his blood sugars under control. :crying_cat_face:

Speaking as a diabetic - and someone with a sick cat - that’s kinda sad. I’m ready for my shots, and for this to stop running my life…

Yes…I’m very familiar with the regimen of diabetes but i have never in my life had a pet that got diabetes and this came out of the blue. It turned so fast and took this cat down to barely 5lbs with a lot of health issues. So i made the choice to not see it suffer any longer.


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