Telegram Desktop Flatpak is broken

Hi everyone who will see this post! Got a problem with Telegram Desktop (flatpak version)
on EndeavourOS (X11 session, Nvidia proprietary driver)

I don’t know, how to describe my problem correctly, but I’ll try.

Basically, when I try to open telegram, it generates invisible rectangle, where GUI appears like 10 or 15 seconds later. And after that I can’t login via QR (it just don’t generate me one) or login by a phone number (when I enter my phone number, telegram is trying to load something but it can’t).

Hope you guys can help me, because I didn’t find any solution.

Telegram is in Arch’s official repo:

extra/telegram-desktop 4.15.2-1
    Official Telegram Desktop client

I would give it a try.

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This has been an issue with the flatpak for a couple of weeks. I’ve seen it (and heard it in a podcast) reported elsewhere (not on this forum). I would do as @pebcak recommends and install it directly.

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