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With the add-on, you don’t need to open mpv first, another solution is put a launcher in your panel/bar that execute mpv and drag & drop the URL on it.

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Sure, but I prefer less addons on the browser.

That’s also an option. Problem is I don’t use any launchers on the panel/desktop :wink:

Anyways, all roads lead to Rome :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have an autohidden panel with a launcher for yt-dlp, I drag & drop the URL for downloading a video.

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That’s sounds like a nice approach. I may as well try it.
Thanks for sharing!

As Platforms Decay, Let’s Put Users First

An Op-Ed by Cory Doctorow, May 9, 2023

Platforms follow a predictable lifecycle: first, they offer their end-users a good deal. Early Facebook users got a feed consisting solely of updates from the people they cared about, and promises of privacy. Early Google searchers got result screens filled with Google’s best guess at what they were searching for, not ads. Amazon once made it easy to find the product you were looking for, without making you wade through five screens’ worth of “sponsored” results.

The good deal for users is only temporary. Platforms today use a combination of tools, including taking advantage of collective action problems, “Most Favored Nation” clauses, collusive back-room deals to block competitors, computer crime laws, and Digital Rights Management to lock their users in. Once those users are firmly in hand, the platforms degrade what made users choose the platform in the first place, making the deal worse for them in order to attract business customers. So instead of showing you the things you asked for, your time and attention is sold to businesses by platforms. …

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The Python Software Foundation has received several subpoenas for PyPI, which amounts to data-seizure:

“Return” the following to the prosecutor’s office “immediately.” Among other things, the US authorities wanted:

“IP download logs of any Python Package Index (PyPI) packages uploaded by” …given usernames.