Team Fortress 2 crashes

I recently switched from garuda linux to endevour and wanted to run Team Fortress, but every time I start the game it crashes. I got it to run 1 time, but the text was not showing up completely.

I was going to see if how it ran on my machine but I can’t afford to use that much data. Have looked on protondb at all yet to see if there are any answers there?


Shutdown steam and in terminal type steam. Then launch TF2 and look what logs says, maybe some errors will guide you.

Also have you used nvidia-inst command if you have nvidia ?

Maybe you can check ProtonDB for some Tips & Tricks :slight_smile:

@moxdrox I already mentioned this

Install lib32-gpertools with yay like this yay -S lib32-gpertools and add LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/ %command% to TF2’s launch options. It’s a known issue talked about on the ProtonDB page.

I also want to command you for trying to play that game even after bots completely destroyed it. I sold my items from TF2 recently because I can’t play it anymore personally.

ProtonDB mentions it’s native, so it probably uses the native by default and most of the time Linux natives on Steam don’t work or are behind the Windows version when it comes to client version. Try switching to the Windows version, by going to the game properties, then selecting “Compatibility” and then select a Proton version. You will probably get an update, install that and finally try launching the game again.

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The proton version doesn’t connect to Casual servers, so Valve’s own servers, or VAC secured servers to my knowledge. It’s an issue regarding some library that is specific to Arch

Yes I’ve found using Proton or WINE with GOG normally has a better result than installing native in most games

I wonder if this is similar to an issue I had with Borderlands 2 where I had to add something to it when I had it installed to be able to use Golden Keys

I don’t know. All I know is that the issue is known for a long time, almost a year.

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Other option is to install the Flatpak version of Steam, in my experience people have less problems with the Flatpak version of Steam and it breaks less than the native version from the repos.

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Or use the solution I posted and that everyone on ProtonDB keep saying to use if you use Arch based distros. Specific game fixes without resorting to changing to different packages are available for every game I had issues with. There are some that post solutions and they worked for me.

Until some Arch update breaks the Steam package from the repos again. Just saying the Flatpak version of Steam gives people far less problems when it comes to system updates. I’ve seen forum topics on multiple forums and different Linux sub-reddits including r/linux_gaming that people had far more issues with the native steam package from the repos than with the Flatpak version.

I’ve never had any issues with this I just install the steam package not steam-native-runtime, even the wiki recommends this package over the native runtime
As @winnyace said there are solutions on protondb too and these are normally pretty reliable

I’ve seen plenty of forums topics about this, even here.

Yes but lets not get off topic here and wait for @The_Soap to see if they can find an answer, we can always make a new thread and discuss this

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I am fairly sure this issue is caused more by the fact there’s literally one guy updating TF2 and it’s likely the janitor. I haven’t tried the Flatpak version of Steam, so I can’t say anything about that. The symptoms OP has are exactly the ones I faced almost a year ago and this was the fix posted then on ProtonDB. I repost it here. Let’s see what happens.


Switching to a different package format can be a solution when it comes to Steam and games, I run all of my gaming stuff with the Flatpak version. But will be interesting to see if the solution that worked for @winnyace works for @The_Soap.

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lol fiddles on a stick, I just that games in my library. I forgot that I have it. Let me just install it and try launching with my Flatpak version of Steam.