Task Switcher not working in Plasma 6

Hey, having this issue after updating I can’t get to work so maybe someone knows how to do it. The default task switcher “Thumbnail Grid” is not working when I alt tab.

It says “The window Switcher installation is broken, resources are missing” after every alt-tab. Checking the “Get new Task Switchers” too but it’s not there to reinstall.

Any way to get it back?

Hmm, not too sure if this will work but after a quick search it appears it may be part of the kdeplasma-addons package. You can install it it the terminal using sudo pacman -S kdeplasma-addons

I got a few new ones installing that package which I can use, although the Thumbnail Grid one is still broken :cry:

Not too sure then, it’s working on my system under X11 (I haven’t tried it in Wayland yet, keep switching between the 2 depending on what I am doing due to some of the new bugs)

Seems to be working form me. Maybe create a new user and try from there to rule out some type of file migration / corruption / configuration issue?

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I just checked in both X11 and Wayland it it is working for me. Thus far, I’m in a similar situation to @smokey and I keep switching between the two depending on what I’m doing.

Managed to restaure it, in case someone else also has this problem:
the thing is now it has been merged into the kwin package (https://archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/kwin/) so it is not in the kdeplasma-addons package mentioned before anymore.
Went to “/usr/share/kwin/tabbox/” and “~/.local/share/kwin/tabbox/” and renamed/deleted both thumbnail_grid that doesn’t work. and reinstalled kwin: sudo pacman -S kwin


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