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Well technology advances and leaves old-timers like me in the dust.
Since python2 dependencies are being dropped from Arch support & I’m ending up with way too many conflicts/dependency nightmares within Taskcoach application.
Only savior has been [archive.archlinux.org] to keep our favorite packages required.

So it’s gotten to the point that I’ve been rambling which leads me to total disappointment as I’m old-school. I was born before the internet! So you can nickname me: Archive

All I’ve wanted is a simple (only offline) desktop application with no web-function or web-browser function to record my finances >>> Not CLI need GUI.

Probably Homebank is overkill for what I need … and looking at the website not sure I can easily import data files from Taskcoach.

UPDATE: Just discovered Taskcoach saves data file(s) in .tsk xml which opens in web-browsers. So I can transfer data this way … 1 positive score +

any suggestions?
appreciate your help and Happy New Year Endeavours …

Is it (taskcoach) this?

There is an appimage available.


Yes that’s it >> https://www.taskcoach.org/

I try to avoid using Snaps, Flatpacks and AppImage.
But that is a good suggestion.

Same here, no snaps, flatpacks here :smiley: but if you need to use it, the appimage will solve your dependency hell.

Could you not use a spreadsheet?

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Spreadsheet on a roll with Covid reminds me of toilet paper … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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hmmmm … I believe for now I’ll give HomeBank a trial and if I dislike it shall use Task Coach appimage as you’ve suggested

I finally completed all updates for Task Coach … Kinda a pain for sure!
Used pkgs.org website to manually search, download and install —>> almost too many dependencies to count
Missing AUR Packages: python2-apipkg python2-atomicwrites python2-attrs python2-funcsigs python2-iniconfig python2-mock python2-more-itertools python2-pathlib2 python2-pbr python2-py python2-pyasn1 python2-scandir python2-setuptools-scm

You may also want to look into skrooge. It’s a kde app, but I don’t recall it needing internet. . .

I may be completely wrong though. It’s been a while since I used it, but I remember it was pretty extensive.

Have you considered using a SQL database for this purpose?
For example there is sqlitebrowser in community repo. It allows it to crease a sinle sqlite file on your drive to store all information (no internet involved).
Then you must specify which columns you want to store and what type (integer, real number, text).
One downside is that when you create the table it may be difficult to change it (add column, change type).
Major advantage is that sqlite is commonly used standard so you will not have problem with compatibilty in the future. And if you feel fancy you can get into all sort of SQL stuff.

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