Systemd or Grub?

Hi, I am a new user of several months, and wish i had made the decision to leave the comfort of windows sooner, however one thing i cant seem to figure out is am i using grub or systemd for boot? i haven`t changed anything so whatever stock does, is what it will be.
It appears i have both grub and systemd configuration files and both systemd and grub installed… which is confusing things. how can i check which is being utilized? Its a Uefi bios, and i tried isolating it by making changes to each configuration file to see if i could impact anything, unfortunately i was unsuccessful with this approach as neither caused any observable changes.

What does pacman -Q | grep -E "grub|dracut" return?

If you are using grub, you will have both grub and eos-dracut on the list.

If you are using systemd-boot, you will have kernel-install-for-dracut on the list.

Keep in mind, everyone has systemd installed because it is used for more than just booting.

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I am running systemd-boot, so the output of pacman -Q | grep -E "grub|dracut" for me is:

dracut 059-3
kernel-install-for-dracut 1.9.1-1