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hello, i’ve installed succesfully the newest :enos: cassini neo on my PC as I have announced the past few days.

short question: how do i get systemd-boot entry to make my pc always boot with the last selected kernel? or is this so intentional that i have to select each time which kernel i want to start.

i have linux, linux-lts and linux-zen kernel.

I was told that systemd-boot can’t do that. It can only boot a preconfigured entry, not the last used entry.

Because of that, I still use grub.

Edit: That is the topic I asked the question with the possible “workaround” that does not do exactly the same in case that one of the entries is a Windows bootloader:

Ok thanks, didnt know that. First time i use systemd-boot.
It#s not that problem. i will just have to choose

If set to “@saved” the chosen entry will be saved as an EFI variable on every boot and automatically selected the next time the boot loader starts.


Thank you @joekamprad !

Thanks! Last time you linked that bug, it ended with the post by cecton from Dec 2021 - the new additions in that issue actually make it usable for me.

Ok, on EOS there is no entry /boot/efi/loader/loader.conf just /efi/loader/loader.conf

Works !

Thanks a lot :handshake:

@dalto maybe you can add the new information here

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@swh fixed it :wink:

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this file is typically located in /efi/loader/ directory. Can you change this please.

I am not sure this should be added to the Wiki. Won’t kernel updates break this?

this was the AI only copy pasted a screenshot :wink:

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