Systemd dbus services

I run sway and Plasma Wayland. On sway I run swaync as my notification daemon, problem is it “takes over” the notification daemon built in to Plasma.

I have tried scripting my way out of this, but I think the environmental variable I am using is set later in the boot process, so it doesn’t work. The only solution I have is to chmod -x swaync and then remembering to reverse it.

Any better way to do this?

I assume from the title that swaync is being run as a service? Instead, could you start swaync as part of your Sway autostart? Then you could kill it in a script on Sway logout by just doing a script to kill it and then swaymsg exit?


Good idea, will give it a go.

The simplest answer is usually the best :smiley: I was over-thinking as usual!!

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