Systemd-boot menu fallback entries


I’ve edited my systemd boot menu and removed the fallback kernel entries. How do I ensure that the fallback kernel entries aren’t reinstalled?

There is config for that in /etc/kernel-install-for-dracut.conf

As a general rule, changing your entries manually does very little since they are regenerated when kernels are installed/updated/removed.


ok does that mean if i change this #NO_DRACUT_FALLBACK="false" to this NO_DRACUT_FALLBACK="true" then there won’t be fallbacks?

Yes, the entries will no longer be created and neither will the fallback initrds.

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Shouldn’t the kernels be reinstalled afterwards? At least I remember reading something like that here in the forum. But I can’t find it anymore.

You should run reinstall-kernels after changing /etc/kernel/cmdline. There is nothing in /etc/kernel-install-for-dracut.conf that would require running reinstall-kernels after changing it. However, the settings won’t actually do anything until the next time your kernel packages update.

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So that means that the existing fallback entries will still be visible until a new kernel version is installed? In other words, they would then disappear automatically?

Sorry for this dumb question …

Yes. Exactly.

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