System won't to boot after update ("error: ‘nvidia’ would be upgraded but ‘linux’ not" error before updating)

Hello, sorry if this is the wrong sub-category.
Yesterday I have received a pop-up notification from the EOS Update Notifier, which displayed:
error: ‘nvidia’ would be upgraded but ‘linux’ not
I was tired, so I just looked it up and found this topic
I quickly skimmed through it and decided to update mirrors through the EOS Welcome Tool and used yay -Syyu
The update seemed to be OK, a new mirrorlist got saved as a .pacnew, but that’s about it.
I attempted to reboot, the system shut down, but it would not boot back on, It gets stuck on systemd boot screen, with the last line being:
[ OK ] Reached target Graphical Interface.
I have KDE Plasma and an Nvidia RTX 3060 Laptop GPU and I am on X11.
I will provide furhter information, if needed, I don’t think there’s much to go off of here.
Thank you for reading.

Hit ctrl+alt+F3, login to the tty and run sudo dracut-rebuild

I’d also suggest replacing package nvidia with package nvidia-dkms to prevent such issues in the future.
This change requires installing also package linux-headers unless you have it already.


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, it says dracut-rebuild was not found.

How about sudo mkinitcpio -P

Same as before

You probably need to get the nvidia module to be the same version as your kernel either by upgrading the nvidia module or downgrading the kernel.

Alternatively, you could switch to nvidia-dkms.

Ok, any pointers how to do that from tty?

Which option?

I suppose the nvidia-dkms option, if it can reduce future problems.

sudo pacman -Syu linux-headers nvidia-dkms

It will tell you it is removing nvidia when you run that command, let it.

If you don’t have access to a network at the TTY, run nmtui first and connect to your network.

Hello, sorry for the delay, it seems to have installed linux-headers successfully

Did it also install nvidia-dkms?

If so, run sudo mkinitcpio -P and reboot

mkinitcpio is still not recognised as a command

What does pacman -Q | grep -E "(dracut|mkinitcpio|grub)" show

kernel-install-for-dracut 1.8-1

That is very wrong. That shouldn’t even be possible.

Did you pacman -Rdd dracut?

Either way, you need to reinstall dracut with sudo pacman -S dracut and then run sudo reinstall-kernels

Done and

Did you pacman -Rdd dracut ?

I have never done anything involving dracut.

When you ran sudo reinstall-kernels it should have produced a lot of output.

If it did, try rebooting.

I have now been able to successfully log in to my desktop.
Thank you very much for your time.

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