System won't suspend via KDE

Last weekend I changed my CPU, after that my system won’t suspend correctly. My screen goes off, but the fans and the LEDs stay on. I can’t wakeup my system after that. Windows goes into standby correctly.

sudo systemctl suspend

works like charm.

Hardware Information
Boot Errors
Logs since the last occurence

I tried reinstalling sddm, but besides reinstalling various KDE packages, I’m completly clueless… Any help would be appreciated!

“Sudo systemctl suspend” also didn’t work yesterday. It worked two times…

You are not alone. But you are using AMD GPU, that is the known issue with Kernel 6.0 that broke the suspend and hibernation.

Old kernel 5.19 has no issue. But someone said that the path fixed Kernel 6.1.x.rc.

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I tried switching to them LTS-Kernel, sadly nothing changed…