System won't shutdown correctly and additional USB issues

Hi guys, I’ve been using EndeavourOS for about two to three months now without issues but after running sudo pacman -Syu today I’ve been having trouble shutting down my PC. Either my system reports successfully reaching target power off (paraphrasing) and hangs there (there are additional lines after that if that helps) meaning I have to force power off with the cases power button. Or it’ll seemingly shut down without issue only to reboot seconds later.

I’ve looked at the Arch wiki for Wake on LAN and that is disabled properly, plus the BIOS/UEFI fixes suggested there, neither solved the rebooting after shut down issue. And I’m not sure how to solve the PC not actually shutting down correctly.

Additionally, after updating I’ve been having some issues with my USB keyboard and mouse. Power is seemingly supplied to the keyboard, but data is not working, the keyboard is unresponsive until I switch USB ports. Same with the mouse.

These are the only problems so far that I’ve not been able to solve by myself so I’m hoping you all will be able to lend a hand here. If you need logs or anything from me, please advise on how to collect and upload those for troubleshooting. Thanks for your time!