System won't boot because /boot/vmlinuz-linux not found

Hey everyone! Basically as the title says, I am having trouble booting because when it tries to load the kernel it throws the error

“file ‘/@/boot/vmzlinuz-linux’ not found”

I went ahead and took a picture if it’ll be helpful, though I do apologize because it’s not a screenshot

Anyone know what I can do to recover my system? Am using BTRFS if that’s relevant

arch-chroot into your system and reinstall the package linux

That typically happens when an update is interrupted


Would I need to do that off a live USB?



look here, for more information.

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is your /boot also btrfs ?

Hey everyone, I’ve gone ahead and chrooted into my system and updated the kernel. It is now giving me a separate error

It seemed that other people who had this error had to run the command mkinitcpio -P
to fix their issues, but when I did this it just gave me an error saying it failed to detect root filesystem.

When I tried to just update everything on my system instead, that gave write errors. Indeed when I decided to test it out by just creating a random .txt file somewhere, Vim wouldn’t alllow me to write it

Does anyone have any suggestions for the way forward? And thank you everyone for all the help so far :slight_smile:

How can I check this?

You see in etc/fstab… was curius about @ sign in the picture

Doesn’t seem so, says boot/efi is classified under vfat while everything else is btrfs

If your disk has gone read-only then this implies it has errors.

There may be ways to fix this, but the quickest and easiest workaround would be to reinstall.


No seperate boot partition. The boot directory is under / which is a subvolume (@) in a btrfs filesystem.

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ok :slight_smile: cool

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