System-wide proxy

Hi, right now i’m using clash for using proxies, in the apps that have a feature to use proxy, i can use but there isn’t anywhere to apply this proxy for whole system, how can i do this?

If you truly want to route all network traffic over a socks proxy, that is non-trivial last I checked.

One way to do that is to use a tun2sox implementation of which there are several including badvpn, go-tun2sox and leaf-git. None of this is “point is click” though.

You can use one of these to implement a tunnel to your proxy and then route all your traffic over that tunnel.

That being said, there may be a better way to achieve your actual goal then using clash and then trying to route traffic over it system-wide. Can you share what your actual goal is? For example, since the proxy is local to the machine, what are you using it to do?

EDIT: I just took a look at clash and it looks like it is capable of creating a tunnel on it’s own. I still have the above question though. Are you sure this is the best way to achieve your actual goal?

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first of all, thank you for your response!
well, some services are blocked in my ISP and i’m trying to bypass them, the thing is, for example for websites, i can use extensions like “switchyomega” or smth else to tunnel my browser, and for xdm there’s a built-in proxy settings but for some apps (or to be more specific, some games) there isn’t any built-in proxy setting so i have to tunnel my whole system to reach my goal, or servers i want to play in

about clash, i tried everything but it doesn’t tunnel everything

Maybe I am being dense but how does a local proxy help you bypass blocking? Asked a different way, what are you implementing in clash?

If clash is capable of creating the tunnel, you would then to implement network rules to send your traffic over the tunnel.

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here, clash works as a VPN but doesn’t tunnel by itself and i’m using it like a shadowsocks

about second part, im not sure that i understand what u meant sorry :frowning_face:

Another option is redsocks. But again, you will need at least a small amount of networking knowledge to implement any of these.

So, I guess you are using clash to connect to a remote shadowsocks proxy somewhere else?

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i have little knowledge (just as much as my job requires as back-end developer and very newbie devops) and i just couldnt find any tools to do that, i’ll try redsocks

yeah exactly, and then i use clash as something like a client for tunneling apps