System Tray Settings (Always Hidden Issue)


The two on the left, Bitwarden and Mullvad, seem to be weirdly linked. System Tray settings for one always affects BOTH. I tried to have Bitwarden set to Always Hidden. But doing so hides Bitwarden and Mullvad even though Mullvad is set to Always Show. So I tried it the other way around. I set Bitwarden to Always Show and Mullvad to Always Hide. Doing so still hides both.


Weird. But are there some settings in the Progs ? I know keepassxc have its own settings

Bitwarden does have settings to hide the system tray icon. But that’s not what I want because it hides it completely. Using system tray settings hides icons but they are still accessible from the drop-down, which is what I want. I believe this started after the 6.1 update. I never had this issue before.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

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I meant exactly what you described above. :wink:
So everything is clear. I don’t know what to do about that either. It is possible that it is related to Plasma 6.1

That’s my thought.

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This how my Systray looks. I have set it to minimal.
From left to right. Plasmusic, Advanced RadioPlayer, WundergroundWeather, keepass, Strawberry, KDEConnect and finally settings from Plasma Systray All the way out just the shutdown button as widget. I didnt face any issue

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