System tray icons to small

I’ve googled this issue till my fingers where sore lol, I guess the only way is to edit the

  1. Open ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc
  2. Find lines starting with “extraItems=”.
  3. Add “iconSize=3” on a new line after those lines and save.
  4. Restart plasmashell from a terminal using this command: killall plasmashell ; sleep 1 ; kshell5 plasmashell

Is this correct before i go and break something, how did you do it? Thanks

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That’s how I do it on every Plasma installation.


That is pretty much how you do it although I thought I read there was some improvements coming to let you do that more easily in future versions.

Instead of step 4 you could also just logout and log back in.

Specifically, this is what I do:
If you would like to resize the items in the systray you do so by following these steps:

  • Edit the file “plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc”
  • Search the file for “SystrayContainmentId” there will be a number after the “=” sign
  • Scroll down to “[Containments][8][General]” replacing “8” with your number from the previous step
  • If iconSize is not already in that section add a line that reads “iconSize=2”. Replace 2 with your desired scale factor
  • Logout for the changes to take effect

Mine is SystrayContainmentId=7

Then i scroll down to “[Containments][8][General]” Mine looks like this

extraItems=org.kde.plasma.vault,org.kde.plasma.notifications,org.kde.plasma.printmanager,org.kde.kdeconnect,org.kde.plasma.battery,org.kde.plasma.mediacontroller,org.kde.plasma.clipboard,org.kde.plasma.bluetooth,org.kde.plasma.volume,org.kde.plasma.devicenotifier,org.kde.plasma.keyboardindicator,org.kde.plasma.nightcolorcontrol,org.kde.plasma.networkmanagement,,Yakuake,Your system is up-to-date
knownItems=org.kde.plasma.vault,org.kde.plasma.notifications,org.kde.plasma.printmanager,org.kde.kdeconnect,org.kde.plasma.battery,org.kde.plasma.mediacontroller,org.kde.plasma.clipboard,org.kde.plasma.bluetooth,org.kde.plasma.volume,org.kde.plasma.devicenotifier,org.kde.plasma.keyboardindicator,org.kde.plasma.nightcolorcontrol,org.kde.plasma.networkmanagement,Yakuake,Your system is up-to-date

Do i add “iconSize=2” at the end of all that?

I put it it between the extraItems section and the knownItems section:

(technically, mine goes between extraItems and hiddenItems, as I hide many items in my tray)

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Thank you @dalto & @anon3337769 I added iconSize=2 and all is awesome!