System sluggish/laggy when hovering over window with elements

Hi there!

Recently I’ve started to notice one issue with my system, whenever I hover over a window with active elements (Dolphin with some files in a folder for example) the cursor becomes extremely sluggish. There will be a lag between input and what happens on screen and it is almost as if my entire system drops in refresh rate.

This also happens on browsers (Firefox, Brave, Chromium, does not matter), panels with icons, system trays, settings, menus etc. Happens both on Wayland and Xorg.

I have not changed anything to my system, no updates, no package installations.

Anyone encountered similar issues or able to help me troubleshoot a bit further?


What DE/WM are you using? It sounds like a similar issue from previous threads, removing xdg-desktop-portal-gnome if installed and restarting seems to work.