System slow to decrypt drive

OS was installed using default settings beside the drive being encrypted. When I enter password to decrypt it is very slow to decide to move forward. The rest of the boot is reasonably fast. Is there a way to speed it up the decrypting portion?

Did you install with grub or systemd-boot?
With grub the slow decrypt is well known. grub does not use any CPU-related acceleration functions while decrypting.

You can look at this older post
@2000 mentioned a way to increase the speed in decryption. But you have to know that you will lower the level of security of your encryption.

Decryption on grub is slow but on systemd it is okay. If you installed with grub it is possible to convert to systemd-boot.

I don t know if I installed with grub though I get a stupid grub rescue cli if I make a mistake with the encryption password. I want to remove grub in the worst way. I ve found no way out of grub rescue except a reboot.

systemd-analyze result:

[g@g-x ~]$ systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 6.224s (firmware) + 42.966s (loader) + 1.121s (kernel) + 5.425s (initrd) + 2.703s (userspace) = 58.442s reached after 2.683s in userspace.

You would have had to select grub on the install as the default is systemd-boot now depending on when you originally installed EndeavourOS. This was implemented a few ISO’s ago.

Maybe I did select grub during install. I don t remember. Getting old sucks…something I did notice concerning Endeavour s encryption implementation. Apparently Endeavour encrypts 2 partitions during install. When I try to clone drive with clonezilla it asks for luks pass twice. The first partition opens fine, but on second partition I get error. (not sure what “Device ocs_luks_cXn already exists” means)

It seems unlikely but I wonder if that has something to do with the slow boot time.

I don’t use luks on grub because it’s too slow to decrypt. I do know that it is almost instant on systemd-boot. It will ask for the luks password twice under certain conditions but I’m not familiar with the details. My suggestion is if you want to use luks i would install with systemd-boot which is the default on the latest ISO. You can also convert from grub to systemd-boot but i’m not the person who can guide you through that since I’m not that experienced with luks and dracut and systemd-boot setup. There is a guide to convert from grub to systemd-boot. I have used it once before trying it out but not sure if that was before dracut was introduced or whether that makes any difference. :man_shrugging: But i think it does.