System size grew by 40Gb

After I installed the system and all necessary programs around 5 months ago, system size grew approximately by 45Gb from the initial 25Gb. I clean package cache and keep only 1 version of packages, current package cache is around 2Gb. I did not install any new programs during this period. I update the system every week. I clean journal with the command

journalctl --vacuum-time=4weeks

as described here A Complete Idiot's Guide To Endeavour OS Maintenance / Update / Upgrade . Where does all this junk in the system come from and how can one get rid of it?

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Hard to say without more information. Use a disksize tool like filelight to see what is using space.

Common reasons:

  • flatpaks or snaps
  • virtual machine disks
  • pacman cache(which you already checked)
  • that collection of videos you forgot about

Are you using Timeshift (or something similar) for snapshots? Check retention policy.

Yes it is probably due to btrfs snapshots.

Problem solved. I deleted files by selecting them and pressing DEL button. It turns out, this did not delete them, but placed in the “Trash” folder. I emptied the trash folder and reclaimed the lost 45 Gb. Thanks all.


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