System no longer booting after most recent update

Hi all,

After today’s most recent system update my endeavor install is no longer booting. Below is a screenshot of the errors I am receiving:

I know the NZXT kraken is working properly btw, i can boot into windows and have verified that the pump is spinning, reporting RPM’s and is controllable both in bios and windows software.

Note: I rebooted my system once after seeing this in hopes it was a fluke. The first time this happened it stopped at the line about the NZXT kraken. I am unable to get past this screen. Any help or info is appreciated!

Thank you!

Issue with 6.9/6.10 kernel having issues with loading the bluetooth driver. Chroot with live usb and use LTS kernel for now instead. Try reinstalling linux-firmware from the chroot as well.

I have the same issue, but no message about Bluetooth. Maybe related to upgrading to plasma 6.05? I tried updating to kwin-explicit-sync 6.05 as well, after updating plasma, and the build fails for me.

Highly doubt a plasma update caused the system to not boot, especially not a point release that only included bug fixes. I’m assuming either kernel or firmware update.

Yes, I had issues too and am certain they were of a kernel related nature.
Things were running about 10x slower than normal if they were related to a graphical nature (tried various DEs and all were affected), most graphical applications weren’t visible on the screen, but appeared to be running from a TTY where I was running ps and top type stuff.
I installed the LTS kernel from arch-chroot and rebooted.
I forgot to install the headers, but for some ungodly reason it behaved normal on the current kernel, not entirely sure…but just feeling lucky. Part of me thinks it may have been something with regards to dracut (sometimes I see it fail a build and have had to ‘fix’ it, for reasons unknown), but that’s just a gut feeling, I didn’t notice a dracut broken pipe or whatever earlier.

I switched to lts and changed my nvidia to the dkms version and I’m back in :+1:

Edit: Actually my issue was nvidia not loading - I’m on the newest kernel again.