System monitor application?


If you look at my screenshot below, this is a system monitor I use on my Mac. I had a similar system monitor when I was using Fedora Gnome before switching to EOS. Is there anything that is similar to this for easy monitoring of my EOS system?

Edit: I use KDE Plasma


What desktop or window manager are you using. Having this information would be helpful, because not all programs are made with all desktops and window managers in mind. You mentioned you were using Gnome before. Are you still using Gnome? If so have you checked the gnome extensions website for something similar

Depends on your DE. I use Gnome DE, and have something similar.

For something similar it would as mentioned depend on your DE as as to what would be best. I would recommend looking up the package and seeing what optional dependencies are needed to make it work as expected. If it still has issues I’d report it upstream.

Not sure if this is what you need, but you can try this applet.

sudo pacman -Syu libgtop networkmanager gnome-system-monitor clutter
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from @Kundalini previous posts, seems to run Plasma…I’m not on KDE, but waiting for users with plenty of experience on that DE, you might want to start having a look on KDE widget store

Assuming that @Kundalini is using plasma and X11…

Is conky not a thing anymore?

sudo pacman -Syu conky

And if a graphical configuration tool is preferred, also install

sudo pacman -Syu conky-manager

If GNOME >> Vitals:



I use a mix of conky and vitals - the extension suggested by @pebcak - myself as well, but given @Kundalini reference to macOS my funneled view directed my suggestion towards widgets, my bad :smiley:

Yeah, it would really help to know which Desktop Environment you’re using. Being on Gnome, I use Vitals Gnome extension

My bad friends. It slipped my mind to mention that I am using KDE Plasma.

I didn’t know a KDE widget store existed. Looks very worth browsing through. I’ll check it out, thanks!

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