System-md-machine error

system-md-machine-id setup error exit code 127

is this fixed yet?

tried, using windows efi creating a new efi with esp flag. does the boot flag need to be set in efi

arch is so great when it works unfortunately that is very seldom

sorry yes it is a windows 10 dual boot and efi is fat32

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Hello @squaleca
Can you give an explanation of what is is your trying to do? I’m not sure what your issue is?

dual boot windows 10 already installed
partitions 63 gig / ext4
4 gig swap
1000 gig fat32 efi flags boot esp

theres already another thread on the board with the same error. but no resolution

what is THAT

1000Go fat32 for efi flags boot esp

have you checked you disk under gparted ?
MBR or GPT ?
is there a /boot/efi ( 300Mo) exists ? ( windows 10 )

if possible , with USB iso EOS

sudo parted -l