System Maintenance

What is your system maintenance routine like? I do it every weekend by following the maintenance page on arch wiki.

do it twice a week :grin:

Usually when I need to sync a new package or when I am bored :slight_smile:

I run yay whenever I think of.

My desktop computer, which I use every day for hours, I often update several times a day. My laptop, which I only use outside the house, I update maybe once in 2-3 months :rofl:

Both computers work fine, never had any serious issue that I couldn’t fix in a few minutes. Of course, the longer you wait between updates, the more manual intervention might be needed.

I don’t do any other maintenance unless a situation arises in which it is necessary to do it. I don’t even clean my pacman cache, until I notice the drive getting close to full, and then I manually wipe it.

My point is, you don’t need a special routine for system maintenance on Arch. Arch is very forgiving and easy to maintain. Just update as often as you want, and don’t fix stuff if it is not broken.

I also keep everything important backed up. But I don’t consider this to be maintenance, it’s just common sense.


once done.never except yay. I do not keep package cache.

This is an excellent guide. :ok_hand: