System hangs on shutdown and reboot. Audio broken

Hi all,

I am aware we have similar threads these days. I briefly browsed through them, but none seems to fit my case.

I am on a Thinkpad X280 (pure Intel Kaby Lake R stack), running EndeavorOS KDE with linux-lts kernel and doing full system updates about 2-3 times a week.

After one of the last system updates (I could not tell which exactly, around 29th/30th-ish) the system would not properly shutdown (and neither reboot) any more. It gets stuck with the following messages (“Not all DM devices detached…”) and I have to hard-shutdown.

In addition, I do see issues doing regular system updates where the following step (“reloading device manager configuration”) takes a long time and then fails (one time the whole update process failed due to this).

And, last but not least, since seeing the above issues, I do not have audio any more. There are simply no devices (except for HDMI which is listed as inactive).

Any idea/pointers would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to get this fixed without reinstalling or timeshifting. I have blacklisted iTCO_wdt already, since I had error message related to this as well and blacklisting was recommended on other threads experiencing similar symptoms. It did not help unfortunately.

Thanks a lot


It seems a kernel update caused the issue. Many users who are using the default kernel seem to be facing the same issue.

Here is a thread that offers a workaround.

I don’t have this issue because I use a different kernel. If you don’t want to disable Blutooth then try this first.


This is available in chaotic-aur you can add the repo to your pacman.conf. Find the instructions on how to add the repo here.

Then you can use the ‘akm’ tool that’s installed in your system to install the tkg-pds kernel. After installing restart the system. Select the TKG kernel and boot from that. See if your problems go away.

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Regarding the reboot/shutdown issue, there is already a fix available which seemingly will make it into the next kernel update.

In the meantime, I would suggest blacklisting your Bluetooth module and wait for the next kernel update which can be around this weekend, I guess.


Thanks a lot for the insights, much appreciated.
Would you (roughly) know when the kernel fix will land in the EOS repos?

For now I have timeshifted back to Apr 28th and everything works nicely again :slight_smile:


I couldn’t tell with exactness. The latest stable 6.8.3 where this issue is supposedly fixed has been in the core-testing repo for a couple of days. Interestingly, it is already marked flagged out of date. So it’s hard to say.

If you are up for testing, you could update your system again and then install the kernel from the core-testing and see if it will resolve the issue.

I have it already in a system with Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 that was affected by this kernel regression where reboot and shutdown work as expected.