System fully freezing, must shut down my PC from the power button

As the title suggests, the freezing fully bricks my computer until it’s rebooted. Awaiting for a reply to guide me with identifying the issue (Sending logs, hardware information etc.)
Results of cat /proc/cpuinfo:
Results of lspci:

Hi and welcome @CoolDoge
It is not recommended to switch off using the power button.
There is a much better way to restart the system shown in the thread. You will find it in the solution at my first post at my thread Restarting -> stop job for user running!

It was a different situation where shutting down was taking ages.
I think/hope doing the REISUB button sequence might help in your case as well.

I hope to hear from someone experienced about these freezes as it happens with me one or two times I don’t know why, and REISUB did the reboot the proper way.
Please let me know.
Thank you.

REISUB seems to be really useful, though it’s only a temporary solution since all it really does is reboot the computer in a safer way than the one that I used. It should save the logs of the possible issue though, if so let me know and I’ll make sure to send them as soon as I encounter another freeze (I don’t know the command to check the logs, please let me know what it is with a reply).

Could you please post your logs using the methods provide by EndeavourOS.

It would be better to post your hardware like this. Post the url

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

For lspci you can post the output here with code tags if it isn’t too long or use this and post the url

lspci | eos-sendlog

Yes… at least I am sure I restart or switch off the proper way and don’t create more problems.

Yes, it just helps get you out of the hole… but it does not fix it.

For the rest of your post I am not experienced to answer.
I hope I will learn from the experts here while they reply to you as our dear @ricklinux already started.

I will be following you here.

when it freezes are you able to access an alternate tty? ex. Ctrl+Alt+F2

Edit: Replied to a reply instead of OP sorry

Well, I haven’t tried it but just did it now, it gave me a black screen with a prompt saying Asus Login:
I didnt know what’s that, entered my root password, nothing happened then I did the REISUB

It is ok… no problem. I would read it anyway whether it was replying to me or to OP.
And I would have tried the same Ctrl+Alt+F2
So it is fine anyway.

it would be the same as logging into your machine without a login manager, you would put the name of the user enter and then the password for that user

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I got a prompt as the shell prompt! Sorry for being that illiterate, so I did REISUB again!
But the Ctrl+Alt+F2 seems much easier and faster than the REISUB (maybe)

something to keep in mind with this is that the other tty seesions will stay active and continue to use system resources, you can use w in the terminal to show all active tty seesions,
you can use the pkill function to end unused sessions example:

[username@Host ~]$ w
 13:43:33 up  3:56,  1 user,  load average: 3.92, 3.92, 3.80
username    tty7      09:54    3:56m 49:10   0.69s i3
username    tty4      09:51    10:56m 45:10   0.70s i3
pkill -9 -t tty7
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Thank you very much.
I am always learning new things here.
Thank you.