System froze during an update

My system froze during an update (I used eos-update in welcome app), and my Alt + SysRq REISUB didn’t work, so I held the power button to force shutdown.

I turned on my laptop to see if it would boot; I noticed that I only had LTS Kernel as an option in the menu.

Everything is green during the boot (with LTS Kernel); there’s also fsck (usually, I see this every time I force the shutdown of my laptop).

I landed on the login screen, but logging in to Wayland or X11 only shows a black screen.

I need help. What should I do next in this situation? :confused:

Logs (via chroot):
Hardware information:
Partition and Format info:
Boot logs:
" (with timespan):

Please post logs not pictures

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nVidia? Same thing happened to me :frowning:

Reinstall each of those packages:

sudo pacman -S <package-name> --overwrite='*'

This should get you working :crossed_fingers:
Lucky you thought to get a picture!


along with what xircon suggests try the first solution in the linked reply

and in case pacman doesn’t work you’ll need to use a live iso to re-install packages

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Hello, I already included the logs in my post; please let me know if you need more. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes. Unfortunately, I have an Nvidia on this laptop. I have a hybrid graphics laptop. I mainly use Intel for display and Nvidia for gaming. I’ll try your solution later. I’ll let you guys know; hopefully, it works. :smiley:

Hello, should I try your solution before reinstalling the packages, or is it okay to try it after reinstalling them? :smiley:

This one solved my problem. Thanks to everyone who gave me hints on how to solve this problem. As a newbie, I’m learning every time my system breaks. :smile:

These guides also helped me fix this problem:

now that the packages are re-installed i would recommend creating the file before you update again.

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