System freeze/give a black screen at random then auto restart to grub

Hello! I have no ideas what is this issue, basically since a few months now for some reasons my pc would crash with a black screen and auto restart to the grub menu which permit to select the kernel, my last endeavor session was corrupted because I was updating at the same time it happened and I could not even chroot into the system since it was so corrupted. I tough it was my second gpu wich did not have its own pci cable, but now I got my own pci cable for both gpu. This does not do that on window 11. Do you guys know what cause this issue and how to fix it? I really don’t wanna go back to linux mint or nobody distro because I love endeavor OS.

I would love to provide logs if you request any but I do not know which commands to enter. Can you help me fix this issue? Thank you really much!

I won’t be able to help you fix your issue but you will probably need to add your logs. This page here explains how to do it.

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hey welcome at the form :enos:

Indeed we will need some more info about your setup (hardware and OS install)