System freeze after boot but before Xorg

While booting, I see systemd messages and no kernel panics or anything red or warnings like that and then right at the end of the boot process there is a system freeze; a black screen with a _ cursor that’s not blinking. If I spam CTRL+ALT+F3 then I can get into the TTY but it freezes right after anyway. Please help. I just booted my computer today and it doesn’t get past boot. I think this the boot after a system update of 200 packages if that’s related. When I shutdown the computer I get the systemd output with no warnings as well.

EDIT: I am using gdm-prime

Can you provide us any sort of hardware info or boot logs?

Yes you are right, the issue is most probably here. Did you notice the upgrade of core system components like Linux kernel or graphics drivers? Do you have Nvidia?

First thing you can try is if you have an additional kernel installed, please try to boot off of that.
Otherwise you might’ve to do a system rescue using arch chroot. There should be a EndeavourOS wiki article about it.

I don’t have another kernel installed. I am using NVIDIA and think the dkms driver was upgraded. I am able to chroot, what should I do in the chroot.

Hardware info:
NVIDIA GTX 1650 optimus
Intel i5 10300H
Dell G3

okay, so I managed to chroot and I installed and booted from linux-lts but same thing happens…

What boot logs did you want?

Can you check what packages were updated just before you started having this issue, and maybe downgrade the ones you think is causing the issue?

How should I check that?

There is a tool called pahis provided in your EndeavourOS install.