System broke and then is working again

Hi everyone,

So I was updating my system today and after rebooting I noticed the booting log looked somewhat different.

After putting my password on the logging screen, I was welcomed with a “Something went wrong. Disconnect and try again” type of screen. I tried several time again. Then I disconnected an external drive and my screen (I’m using a retrieved gaming laptop) and it worked. I have no idea if it’s linked.

Now, I’m using this laptop to play games on Linux, but it has the nvidia optimus tech and two graphical cards (one intel ; one Nvidia). this had led to problem in the past : Proton not working on ext4 partition - #14 by mihalycsaba

To go around this, about 2 month ago, I started using optimus-manager and always switch to “hybrid” because default Nvidia is broken with Steam game for me. Again, IDK id that’s linked but that’s the first time I encounter such a problem.

I’m not sure how I can provide the adequate output for this. Maybe my grub is broken ?

I hope you can help me,

Thank you a lot for your answers !

Hi Ben! :blush:

I noticed you’re facing some issues with your EndeavourOS system, and I’m here to help you troubleshoot them! :hammer_and_wrench: While I understand that I’m not a big fan of GNOME, we’ll do our best to address your concerns regardless of the desktop environment.

Here’s what we can try to resolve your problem step by step:

  1. Graphics Drivers Update: Let’s make sure your Nvidia and Intel graphics drivers are up-to-date. You can use the package manager to do this. :video_game:

  2. Optimus-Manager Configuration: We’ll take a look at your optimus-manager configuration to ensure it’s correctly set to “hybrid” mode, as you prefer. :desktop_computer:

  3. GRUB Check: We’ll examine your GRUB configuration to see if it’s contributing to the booting issue. :rocket:

  4. External Drives: We’ll investigate your system’s boot order to avoid external drive conflicts. :compass:

  5. Log Analysis: We’ll dig into the system logs using commands like journalctl to find any useful information that might help us pinpoint the issue. :scroll:

Feel free to share any output or error messages you encounter along the way, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. The EndeavourOS community is here to support you! :handshake:

Let’s get your system back in top shape for gaming on Linux. :dart:

Best regards,

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