System becomes unresponsive shortly after boot

Here’s everything I’ve done so far.

Does the issue occur on other desktop environments? What about the XFCE version?

From a live environment, I chroot’d into the system, installed xfce4 and turned off autologin.

I rebooted the computer and logged into XFCE. No issues. I rebooted a couple of times to make sure.

Does the issue also occur when you’re using a tty? If you aren’t able to reproduce the issue on the tty, then it might be graphics related.

As mentioned above, when the computer hanged, I was able to switch tty but I got no login prompt. I decided to tried again anyway. Before that, I changed the resolution of systemd-boot following the steps here.

Once done, I switched session from XFCE over to Plasma and… it’s now working fine? I’ve rebooted a couple of times to test it out, but it no longer hangs. I’ve been typing this whole post on Plasma without issue. Still, I want to know what changed to identify the issue.