Switching to Wayland?

I don’t really need Wayland, but I am stuck in x11 and no matter what I do, it boots into x11. Here is my /etc/sddm.conf



The cog in the right corner to the dropdown menu to choose the window manager does not appear.

Its manually edited ? Plasma let you configure that in the settings.

Do you have plasma-wayland-session installed ?


Worked just as you said. I’m thinking about going down the Kvantum route with a latte dock. What do you think?

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Kvantum is one of the first package i install on a new install. Most big theme provide a ‘kvantum theme’ for it and if like tinkering there a lots of parameters.

For latte dock, hard to say, never use it. All i know about it:

  • People that like dock seem to really like it.
  • Some people report bugs some say its perfect. So like always better try yourself haha
  • Its unmaintained ATM. KDE is considered to be the actual maintainer but the truth is: no one really want to work on it. A bit sad if you ask me.

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